Levin Furniture Complaints

So I’m writing this to do two things. Well, three things.

  1. Levin Furniture has horrible after sale customer service — actually, they have none.
  2. document the awful process I’ve been experiencing in trying to replacement items that were damaged discovered during delivery.
  3. alert potential customers of the horrible service and lack of attention I’ve been receiving.

A brief history of the horrible service at Levin Furniture.Levin Furniture Sucks

January 2008

Back in January, my wife and I, after 14 years, finally went out to buy a bedroom set. We shopped everywhere. But we ended up coming back to Levin, mistake one. The price was good, and they were helpful with credit, terms, and setting up delivery date. Surprisingly, everything was delivered on time. However with two glitches.

First – one of the bed rails was split / cracked. Second – it was shipped without bed slats – making it impossible to put a mattress on it (these are those wooden strips that the box spring actually sits on, and we didn’t get any). The delivery man notified me, and called in the issue. He said Levin would call me back. He also said I could go to any Levin and pick up bed slats if I wanted.

From there – service called me and acknowledged the issue and told me it will processed, and a new bed rail one will be delivered and installed – probably in about one month – so, mid-February (today is April 16th by the way).

Later that day – I went back to the original Levin store, in Fairlawn, Ohio to pick up bed slats. Of course, they had no idea what I was talking about. So they sent me around back, and talked with the warehouse guy. Who, after some digging, found similar slats, but that I would have to cut them down to size. I said fine and took them.

Bad mistake again. The slats had vertical supports in the middle of them to brace them on the floor — they were the wrong size, and didn’t fit.

February 2008

Getting back to Levin horrible service. I called them about two weeks to get an estimate on when we would get a new bed rail — since they didn’t call me like they said they would (ignore customer #1). I was told they were checking into it, and would call me back. They didn’t.

I called again about two weeks later. Was told it was looking more like mid-March, but that they would call me back with a more definite date. They didn’t. (ignore customer #2).

March 2008

I called again and was told April. That it is coming form the manufacturer, and they don’t have a firm date. But they would call me back. They didn’t.

April 2008

I was in the area about two weeks ago (early April), so I stopped in the Levin store. I spoke with Connie, the office manager. She took my information, and said she would call me back – because “corporate offices are closed on Saturday’s…”. Guess what – she didn’t call.

On Friday of that week (last Friday) – I called the store. I was told they have no idea when it is coming. The manufacture is estimating some time in April. But she couldn’t give me a date. When I explained that I’ve been calling, and getting push back for several weeks – she just blowing me off.

I asked to speak with someone else. She transfered me to the store manager. Who actually ended up being the sales manager. Left him a voice mail (what a shock I didn’t get a live person) with my story, and asked that he call me back.

And here we are. I called Friday around lunch. Today is Wednesday evening. Do you think they have called me yet with and explanation or date? No. So – I will continue to write about the absolute horrible service Levin Furniture provides after the sale until I get this resolved.

Stay tuned to more updates on Levin Furniture horrible customer service.


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  1. fairlawn ohio Says:

    […] the awful process I??ve been experiencing in trying to replacement items that were damaged dischttps://levinfurnituresucks.wordpress.com/2008/04/17/levin-furniture-complaints/Synergy to Donate Percentage of Profits in May to Aid Myanmar Cyclone Victims PR Newswire via Yahoo! […]

  2. nancy daso Says:


  3. Tami Says:

    Levin does NOT honor their warrenty. In September 2006, I bought a $3,000.00 mattress set for my husband and I. At that time, I also purchased a 10 year extended warrenty. Guess what? It sags at only 3 years of age. An inspector came out and said yes, it does. As long as I could get out the puppy pee stain, they would replace it. So I got it out, it was REinspected and this person said, yes, it’s clean and I also see it sags. I got a call from Levin’s customer service a few days later and they said it’s still dirty and they won’t take it back until it’s snow white. Um, hello…. excuse me……… it’s OFF WHITE mattress! The stain from my puppy is gone and so will the fibers if I bleach it to make it pure white. Why should I have to continue paying for this when it’s junk? I will NEVER buy from Levin EVER EVER EVER EVER again!

  4. Charlene Says:

    Levin!! Where do I start? I chose a loveseat and it was delivered in fine condition. After only a week it started to sag. When I phoned I found I had to have a technician check it out. The tech told me “You get what you pay for” and added some stuffing. After another week it was sunk again. I then told Levin that I would like to pick out something else. I did, and it arrived broken. The next week I was sent another loveseat and it smelled like dogfood. I called immediatly and complained and was told that that smell would go away. After a week I phoned again.First I was told that I could have a refund. But , no, a technician had to spot by and smell it first. When the “tech” arrived he told me he did not have a good sense of smell and I should tell him what it smelled like. So I said”dirty dish rags or dog food” he wrote that down and I signed the slip. The next day I had a message that the technician stated it did not smell and I will be paying 10% restocking charge and a pick up fee if I still wanted to return the loveseat. The smelly item will be picked up this week and I will still have to fight to get my money back in full.

  5. chris Says:

    I think your all a bunch of assholes! Not only is our whole house furnished by Levin, but so is everyone in my family. I can’t even explain how wonderful everyone was. From the salesperson who helped me all the way to the men that had delivered it. They are nothing but class. One piece of my sectional must have been made from a different dye lot then the rest. They brought out 4 different pieces until the tech was certain we had a perfect match. My wife and I spent about $30,000.00 to furnish our new home, and could not be more pleased with Levin. I would tell everyone I know to shop their. Levin is probably lucky to never have you people back as customers anyway!!! Go to roomful where you classless assholes belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kelli Says:

    Why did none of you who complained about the product bother to mention the manufacturer of the furniture? Granted, it seems as though most of the issues were with Levin, but if there’s an issue with the product quality I’m sure the rest of us would appreciate knowing what manufacturers to be wary of or avoid.

  7. Gary Says:

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  8. Ken Says:

    Customer Service is TERRIBLE AT LEVIN!!!! My Wife bought a sofa and loveseat. It was to be delivered in 2 weeks. They arrived delivering the sofa ONLY. Said the loveseat would be another MONTH.

    Loveseat is delivered and broke (it’s a power recliner). NO CALL BACK AFTER 3 CALLS. They say it’s subcontracted to a 3rd party. I got the number of the 3rd party and they tell me they have never recieved anything from Levin. Called Levin again and NO RESPONSE. We’ve only had it 2 months and it’s supposed to have a 1 year warranty.

    STAY AWAY!!!! They are HORRIBLE.

  9. Elva Cali Says:

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  10. Can Crusher · Says:

    we would usually buy our bedroom sets from the local retailer which also offers free delivery ,~.

  11. link Cleveland Says:

    I am also having a problem with Levin. I purchased a Corinthian 950-39 Sofa and a Corinthian 950-19 recliner. The couch also has two power recliners. I had originally purchased another couch and Love seat and was told they would call me the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon around five I called and said I didn’t get a call to schedule my delivery. I was informed that the furniture I ordered was out of stock and I would have to choose something else. I asked when they were going to call me and inform me. I really didn’t get answer.
    So back to the second purchase. I was very clear to the salesman that I wanted a firm couch and chair, he said he likes the same thing. So it can take me a second to sit down and tell if it sinks down or is firm. I found a few that I liked. It was down to the item’s I purchased and another set. I didn’t want to spend as much as this set. The salesman then gave me the pros and cons of each set. I thought I was purchasing good furniture si I went with his recommendation. Plus this was available sooner which was better because I didn’t have furniture. in April I was moving the recliner and I pushed on the back of it to plug the power recliner back in and the piece of wood cracked. It made me laugh at how thin and cheap the wood was to crack so easily. I called and they sent out the tech. I expressed my concern about the quality of the furniture.
    About 2 months ago I noticed that the one seat on the couch was already showing wear. I could feel the springs in the seat. Also the wood on the lower part of the recliner seems like it is more obvious when your feet sit on it. Also the middle cushion on the left side was sagging down and could be pushed down. The tech. came out and told me that the felt had ripped on the middle seat and he had to replace it with cords. He said he has had to do several of these repairs. He also told me furniture these days only lasts 2 or 3 years. He said feeling the springs is normal wear and tear and he guaranteed me they would do nothing about it. This is felt now in the one seat on the couch and the recliner. So I guess there is only one seat left before it goes bad.

    Service called to set up the repair and I asked what they had decided to repair and I was told I had to speak to Chuck the service manager. I left a message on Nov 12. A message on Nov. 15. Chuck called me back today. I was really surprised at the way he spoke to me. He said they were only fixing the felt on the middle seat on the couch. The springs are normal wear and tear. He then went off and explained the different cushioning in a couch. It was very difficult to get a word in. He asked what I wanted and I said if this is how this feels after 10 moths I wanted it replaced. He said no way he would not replace or let me get something else. His exact words to me were “I got the wrong one” and “that’s the nature of the beast” He can’t make it better you can’t put a Chevy wheel on a Ford pickup truck. What? I’m thinking what are you talking about. He also said he will replace the coils but it would be the same thing. I tried to explain about the different size material he was talking about but there was no talking to this guy. He was very smug and really wasn’t interested in listening to me. I actually had to say I listened to you now you can listen to me. I still couldn’t get my point across. After he said the Chevy Ford comment I asked to speak to his supervisor, he gave me the name and I asked how I could get in touch with Robert Levin. Also I should say that the tech. told me he had 3 cancellations that day. That’s a whole other story but it shows they have problems. I will not let this go. I told him I would expect this from Value City furniture or Daniel’s but not Levin. The reason I said that is because there is a big difference in price and I thought quality. I friend of mine purchased a couch from them in March or April and her cushions are starting to sink in. I think the quality of there furniture has gone way down. I have bought a lot of furniture over the years from Levin and a couch that is 10 years old and is still comfortable. But their tech. did tell me furniture only lasts 2-3 years. I guess hes right. By the time I pay this off it will be time for new furniture.

    To the person that said we are all assholes for complaining you should be happy everything went well for you and your purchase. You are either really ignorant or work for Levin.

    I also recently learned that this furniture was made in china. It sure seems like it.

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  13. ed15206 Says:

    I wanted to purchase a full house of furniture. Wanted furniture that generations could appreciate. Mikey met me at the door and I told him I wanted to buy a house of furniture. I decided on a California Kin platform bedroom. Mikey in the middle oif the sale stated he wanted to leave to take his son to a ball game he had purchased tickets for and left me with a new sales person. We could not get very far, they all were talking about a storm I knew nothing about. I don’t think Mikey did either.. I ended up with a purchase of $7900. They couldn’t get their company that approves check to gbuarantee the check becuase of the amount. That left me puzzled. Spent about 40 minutes. I made a suggestion. Since I was not taking anything with me the check had more than enough time to clear. Finally someone at one of the desks came up with the very same idea. They told me they would call when the order was in. Theyt did not. When I did call the manager told me they had sold my mirror to the dresser to someone else which he states is a common practice. That made me very angry. He justified things by telling me that one of his assistants had placed a rush order to replace the now items they had taken from my order. This guys name was MIkey too, huh…The delivery time they spoke of was not available to me. I had to wait about a week for them to deliver a partial order. I do not have a high option of this company. BUYER BEWARE! You will regret purchases made from LEVINE FURNITURE.

  14. ed15206 Says:

    I wanted to purchase a full house of furniture. Wanted furniture that generations could appreciate. Mikey met me at the door and I told him I wanted to buy a house of furniture. I decided on a California Kin platform bedroom. Mikey in the middle oif the sale stated he wanted to leave to take his son to a ball game he had purchased tickets for and left me with a new sales person. We could not get very far, they all were talking about a storm I knew nothing about. I don’t think Mikey did either.. I ended up with a purchase of $7900. They couldn’t get their company that approves check to gbuarantee the check becuase of the amount. That left me puzzled. Spent about 40 minutes. I made a suggestion. Since I was not taking anything with me the check had more than enough time to clear. Finally someone at one of the desks came up with the very same idea. They told me they would call when the order was in. Theyt did not. When I did call the manager told me they had sold my mirror to the dresser to someone else which he states is a common practice. That made me very angry. He justified things by telling me that one of his assistants had placed a rush order to replace the now items they had taken from my order. This guys name was MIkey too, huh…The delivery time they spoke of was not available to me. I had to wait about a week for them to deliver a partial order. I do not have a high option of this company. BUYER BEWARE! You will regret purchases made from LEVINE FURNITURE

  15. Wendy Says:

    We bought 2 double reclining couches and a reclining chair and a half on Feb 24, special order because of the fabric. We were told delivery would be a 6-10 week window. Well, it actually arrived in 5 weeks, but it was the completely WRONG fabric! We refused delivery, I went up to the store to talk to the salesman, and found out that it was HIS mistake; we wrote down the fabric of the throw pillows and not the fabric we ordered. He reordered it and it was another 6-10 week wait. We have my in-laws coming into town for a very special occaision and we wanted our furniture. They rushed the order, and it’s supposed to be delivered this afternoon. IT HAD BETTER BE RIGHT. My in-laws will be here TOMORROW!

  16. jenn Says:

    I have to agree WORST EVER customer service follow up I have ever seen . I am currently going thru the same issue but with a dining room set that came to me damanged. I will never step into that store again!

  17. rich reynolds. Says:

    Looking for a bedroom!After reading the complaints no way will I shop at Levin.

  18. Jeanne LaPinta Says:

    My husband and I just left a Levin store, a saleswoman who has been with them she said for 15 years, found the special size couch that was firm enough for my ailing husband to get in and out of..brought him in from the car to see if he was able to sit comfortably and to get up from..I left him seating while the saleswoman and myself went back to look at a new covering since I could not use the print on the couch that was there…I spent a good part of an hour looking through various materials, oh by the way I did ask the saleswoman who has been with the company for 15 years if there was an upgrade charge on the material, she responded with a quiet NO..
    now I pick out 3 different ones eleminated 2 of them and finally found one that would do me well. Sale on couch $125.00 off YEAH…ready to write up order put a 1/3 down since its a special order…only to find out there was a 200.00 upgrade CHARGE on the material I had picked out..Mind you the couch was $575.00 I said I was told the material had no upgrade charge..well Let me see if I can talk to someone and possibly do something..nothing could be done..Let alone charges for warranty on couch material..$79.95 which was only 69.95 at another store. and 50.00 for delivery..which now is going to cost $905 plus tax. I m thinking they thought I was so pleased to find a couch that was right and spent enough time picking out the perfect material..That I would agree on the price..Sorry I m 74 years old and I ve been around the block a few times..and know sales strategys..
    Levin shame shame on you..and your sales people too..

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  21. Colette Freiwald Says:

    So happy to see this blog exists! I am writing for my 81 year old mother who also purchased a mattress from Levin’s on 6/25/11. It was a full sized Sealy Royal Firm, which she purchased for $864.00.

    My mother lives on Social Security, so spending that kind of money on mattresses was a big decision, but she felt with the guarantee that came with the mattress and the fact that it was a well known and trusted name, she would be happy that it would work well for her.

    As you may guess by other complaints here, the mattress was already sagging to the point that you could put your fist in the hole after only one month of use. My mother is a small, older woman. There is no jumping or misuse of any kind. After calling Levin, they sent an “inspector” out, who indicated that the indentation to the mattress was less than 3/4″ and the warranty would not cover sagging less than that on her type of mattress. They told her to try again in 6 months! After one month, she called again-same situation. Her sag was now at 1/2 inch, so they couldn’t help her….call in another 6 months!

    She then called the manufacturer, who wanted nothing to do with it. Once they have sold their merchandise to a retail store, it is their responsability to stand behind the warranty, etc. This is such a rip off! How many ways can we take advantage of an older woman?

  22. Carol Hagemann Says:

    My husband and I recently purchased an entire master bedroom set from Levine. We experienced great service from our salesperson. The problems started when the delivery truck arrived. They were not Levine employees, but a sub-contractor “Get Trucking”. The mirror was shattered, the chest of drawers was scraped, the dresser had ding marks and they had the wrong hardware to assemble the bed. The only good news was that our two nightstands were not damaged. Their truck also broke several branches on our tree in front of our driveway. The second delivery was scheduled between 8:15 and 10:15 am….they arrived at 7:15!!! I was awake, but not dressed. A new chest was supposed to be sent and wasn’t and the poster/canopy was was not on the truck…only the mirror, headboard and footboard. I called and complained and they said that a supervisor or manager would call, no one did. The third delivery was correct. After nearly 27 years of marriage, we purchased alot of furniture and never have experienced anything like this. It was really a nightmare! Seems like Levine is good with pricing and sales however, whenever a customer has a problem, they leave the customer out in the cold.

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  24. Evelyn McKendrick Says:

    I’ve furnished my entire house through Levin’s and am surprised to see these comments considering my husband and I didn’t have any problems at all. The Sales rep was courteous and helpful and the delivery guys(sub-contractors Get Trucking) were on time and did a outstanding job from start to finish.

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  26. Lynn Says:

    My 82 year old Mother ordered a swival recliner form Levins. She waited 2 months for it. Delivery cost was so outrageous that I picked the church up. The chair was flawed. The foot rest didn’t go all the way down. One arm is 3 inches higher than the other. The seat is also higher so you slide to the side. And, the cushioned arm is missing the padding…fabric over wood. It was inspected by a Levin technician. He told Mom it was flawed but his report at the store said it was not. They offered to exchange the chair “as a courtesy”. She doesn’t want another one from them. They will not refund her $200 deposit, nor will they pick up the crap chair. Anyone have any advice?

  27. Brian Says:

    The love seat we purchased from Lavin Furniture is the absolute worst quality I have ever seen. We were told that the frame was solid oak and had a life time warrantee. However, the entire frame appears to be made from cheep press board and designed very flimsily. It fell apart within months of normal use. The furniture is completely unusable. When sat upon the cushions rest on the floor. Lavin sent a “technician” to repair the frame under the warrantee who attached a 3/4 inch thick piece of pine to one of the main braces that had broke (that was itself 3/4 inch thick by 3 inch wide press board). You can see it in the photographs. It obviously changed nothing. The furniture is still unusable. Another issue is the sharp corners of the frame inside the arm rests began to print on the fabric within weeks. It is now beginning to wear through. Not only do the arm rests look terrible, they hurt. We cannot lean against it or rest our head on it. Lavin’s final response to our request that they honor the warrantee was that “we are not going to be able to do anything for you other than give you the name and number of some technicians that could quote you a price on repairs.” The sales practices were unfair and deceptive, the furniture is absolute junk, and Lavin refuses to honor its warrantee. I will see them in court!

  28. michaelann15 Says:

    On Saturday I arrived with my husband at about 10:05 to the Levin location. We were approached by Sales guy A. He asked what he could help us with and we asked if Sales guy B was available. We have been there before and he was great. We felt he was honest and really gave us good information about the products. Sales Guy A told us that he wouldn’t be in till later. Due to our schedule we only had that morning to make the purchase. We have purchased from Levin before and didn’t think twice about going somewhere else for something as simple as a mattress. Sales Guy A took us back to the mattresses. We worked with Sales Guy A for about 30 minutes and made a decision. During the selection process we asked if paying in cash or credit today offered any discount. We were told no. That the financing was available for 12 months same as cash but no incentive to pay cash/credit today. We just thought that we missed the special that our neighbors recently took part and that offer was no longer available. Sales Guy A advised us to take part of the financing and get $100 gift card was the best he could do. As my husband went to the back to pay I headed toward the front to look for end tables. A different sales associate handed me a flyer. On the flyer it said get $100 dollar gift card plus this, this or that and the that was get an 5% off today for cash or credit payments. I headed to the back and gave my husband the flyer. Sales Guy A then said, “That is an option. Sorry about that.”

    My husband and I do not appreciate being lied to. I’m mad that our credit was ran and a line of credit was opened. I’m mad that I’m giving you free advertising this Thursday when your truck will pull up in front of my house. I’m just angry at how the entire transaction was handled. I’m also disappointed in your invoice as I can’t verify the numbers. If you want customer to feel good about the experience your receipts should list the actual savings. Not just a line item that lists 50% off compare at pricing as a ZERO. What value does that add to the buyer. Take note your competitors that list the savings and at the bottom highlight the total savings.

    My final point is none of this is Sales Guy A’s fault. It is management that needs to be held accountable. Obviously the training and development of your staff isn’t something your company invests in. Nor is the IT technology to program your systems for invoices. Instead you focus on deceiving marketing and this in turn will cause your company to loose REPEAT customers like us!

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  32. john c. Says:

    bought a Sealy mattress, worst one i ever owned. made a complaint and was told to sleep on it more, then call.

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  34. bougar schmougar Says:

    levin furniture has at least a 500% mark-up on their junk. sales reps are sloppy. terms are ridiculous as well as interest rates. they should be ashamed of themselves.

  35. Vanessa Rivers Says:

    Levin is not a good place to shop!!!! From sales to Delivery!!!!!!

  36. Lee Says:

    Grand Legacy mattress’s made for Levin and sold as the Cadillac of mattress’s and supposed to be better than any. Guess what? Not! Selected King bed and new box springs. Bought the extended warranty also. Started to sag within a month. Called and they sent the tech out with his little carnival game that measures the sag. Two blocks of wood with a string on it. Object of the game,throw one block with string attached to the other side of bed. Allow the other block to go over edge next to him. Now push down on bed where sag is and measure the depth from string down to bottom of sag. LOL!!! 1 1/2 inches would qualify. Only 1 inch.
    Now we were permitted by the store to exchange it due to our extra coverage. Got the new one and now 2 months and another sag. It doesn’t qualify again. Doesn’t matter policy say’s only one exchange. Now what after $ 2,500.00? Suck it I guess. Did I mention I bought a Queen and box springs for my son. Same thing! Stay away from Grand legacy and I’ll never shop at lavin’s again….

  37. Kathy zelinsky Says:

    Bought a leather sectional ….beatuiful I thought…after two years it starting smelling like decaying animal or something and it has hardly been sat on…I have been so sick..in my home with this smell..and beside myself when I found out it was my new sofa sectional…I am 57 and thought this would be my last sofa….being Italian leather ( RIGHT). Assemlled in CHINA…..it could be the stuffing or who knows….not LEVINS……

    I had purchased Gardian Protection Plan.for 89.00at the store…good for five years..but did not tell me there was a registration card inside the box of leather cleaner they give you….there was no card in my box!!!! but was told they do not cover odors anyway!!!!!!!?
    Then Levins says SORRY…and to call a TECH at my expense…frustrated to no end I did and they too said SORRY!!!!!!
    Corperate……call the person could help…..no chance!

    So know what…take it to the Dump? It looks and is new!…paid cash 2,000.00
    I should dump it in their parking lot with a BIG sign… WARNING…bla..bla..bla

  38. Ollie Says:

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  39. Kathy zelinsky Says:

    So you like…? I still have some great words left to say…the beautiful looking…….. still stinking….still sits….in now my empty living room…nothing in there to absorb the stench …can not enter or even pass through without getting sick…in the stomach…..sick mentally…from tring to get any kind of satisfaction….speaking to the MAN himself….well…almost..guess he did not have the (B—‘S) so ..to no surprise…a LADY…returns my call…and tells my…this……….!
    I have been working for Levins furniture for 28 years And have never had a complaint on odors from their leather sofas… Nor have ever heard of such a thing!!!!! I replied…search the web there is such a thing…I am not crazy and neither is my family who can’t stand to come into my home because of the stench of the sofa sectional…It made me cry..!
    So look it up LADY…I am not just making things up.,!
    Then..her reply…well anyway…even with the warranties and the leather Warranty that you purchase sepeartly…do not and never have covered THE STINCH THAT NOW YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH??..(not!!!….or what I ask?….I thought about selling it BUT..YA KNOW…KARMA??….and my conscious.! leaves me…yes..with hope it somehow with each passing day…start to just be the leather sectional…I fell in love with…
    Today..I think of nothing but getting IT out of my home, so I tolerate what is Home Sweet Home!
    Oh..one more thing..That LADY…NOT SAM??? Said SAM of offerd me..a..200.00 credit for another store purchase..what? Maybe for lamp..but that would not be to comfortable to sit on…and they would tell me…SURE IT IS…!
    I stills search for answers on why this smell occurs…does anyone know?..HELP if you can..thanks a lot…good day…….

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  41. Eileen Clay Says:

    I want to share how disappointed I was with my recent experience with Levin Furniture and hope to spare anyone else from having such a miserable experience. My husband and I recently moved to the Cleveland/Akron area and, of course, need to furnish our house. We started with our bedroom and bought a bedroom suite from Levin’s (23100 Broadway Avenue 44146). Along with the furniture, we searched for a mattress and noted that we wanted something soft and narrowed in on the iComfort Savant, per the suggestion of a salesperson named Marty Bistak. We were hesitant and talked about going to various stores and looking at mattresses before deciding. Our salesperson, Marty Bistak, assured us that many were happy with the Savant and that we could always exchange it after 30 days with just a $100 restocking fee. I specifically asked him if there was anything else I needed to know and if it was just as simple as that. He said that we could exchange as long as we paid the restocking fee – no questions asked. I presume he was excited about the possibility of getting a large commission (we spent nearly $6,000) and didn’t want to say anything that would deter us. A few days after we got the mattress, I called Marty Bistak and told him that I wanted to give him a heads up that the mattress was significantly firmer than what we tried in the storeroom. Frankly, he wasn’t even concerned then and said that the mattress was hard because we kept it cold in our house – it sounded ridiculous to me but even if it were legitimate, I would have expected that issue (i.e. the possibility that our memory foam mattress could become firmer in colder temperatures) to come up when we told him that we wanted something soft. Anyway, nothing else came up related to the exchange. He said again that we would need to keep it for 30 days and we could exchange it if it didn’t work. After a month of sleeping in our guestroom, we finally went in to exchange the mattress. We searched (and Marty watched and followed us the entire time), and when we decided on one, only then did he mention that the new mattress had to be the same price or more expensive than the one we purchased. We purchased one of the more expensive mattresses in the store and thus, we were limited to only the memory foam (which is what we had the problem with in the first place) and really expensive mattresses. We asked to speak with the manager, who was so extremely rude to us. She simply referred us to our paperwork (which by the way, was given to us only after we had actually paid for the furniture and mattress with a credit card) and said that the policy was written there in the fine print. I explained that either the salesperson didn’t know the policy until that very day or he had essentially lied to us (either way, it was problematic). She didn’t care and we were rebuffed. We walked out and I was seething with so much anger that I teared up outside the store. I have a JD (doctorate of law) and am very familiar with terms and conditions. I realize that we had no legal leg to stand on and kicked myself for not asking for the T&C’s before we ever handed over a credit card but sometimes you trust when you’re wearing your customer hat. I also have an MBA and therefore understand that this is just not smart business. Not only did Levin’s lose out on the lifetime value of a customer, we are also beginning a life and a family and have considerable furniture needs now. And, I fully plan to talk with anyone who will listen about what a horrible experience I had. I have never been more unsatisfied with a shopping experience in my lifetime. This is a company that only cares about getting your money. Please ASK for T&C’s first and don’t trust anything that the salesperson says as the company will not stand by their word. We would have purchased anyway – we simply wanted to be happy with what we bought. And to add insult to injury, Levin’s called me minutes later to make amends by offering us the opportunity to purchase more than one mattress…what is that about? First, it’s evidence of guilt and remorse and second, what am I to do with 2 or 3 mattresses in the house? Thanks but no thanks. I plan to write the company a snail mail letter and I’ve taken to my own social networks and asked those with more significant followings than me to do the same on my behalf. I’m also looking into networks such as Angie’s List, etc. to share feedback. STAY AWAY AND IF YOU MUST SHOP THERE, READ EVERYTHING!

  42. Mikest Says:

    I bought a living room set, a dining room set and a mattress from Levin three years ago. When it was delivered, there was a nail sticking out of the top of the dining room table, so they delivered a replacement. Then a few weeks later, the recliner stopped working. The tech came and replaced the reclining mechanism. A few months later, a tech came and replaced all the batting in the cushions on the couch because they were compressed to about half of their original thickness.Then right before the warranty was up, my son stood up from the couch with his hand on the armrest, and the armrest started to fall off. I gave up calling techs, and stuffed the cushions myself with comforters, and old pillows. I flipped the couch over, and tried to screw and nail as much real wood as I could to the cheap pressboard that was stapled together with staples that were a little better than what you’d use to staple two pieces of paper together. I was shocked by the poor craftsmanship.

    Long story short, Levin furniture is made to look beautiful in a showroom, it’s made to look great when they drop it off at your house, but inside this “furniture” lurks the cheapest, and worst quality materials that one can imagine.

    Levin has to know this. They just don’t care. They got my money once, and they will never get it again. After I was done paying for furniture (it was three years same as cash) I gave most of it away because it was worthless.

    One of the techs who came to repair the furniture told me that Levin has two grades of furniture, some stuff that is expensive, and the stuff that is always on sale. He said that I got the cheaper stuff, and that he has to go around and repair all of it.

    He sounded almost as embarrassed as I was discouraged.

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  45. Todd Says:

    Levin’s customer service still sucks. My wife and I purchased a bedroom and living room from Levin’s back in May. We were told that some of the items were back ordered and that expected delivery was to be mid-July. We were fine with this as it would give us some time to paint, and get rid of the old stuff. Got a call June 18 that all of our pieces were in, and they could deliver on the 21st. We thought that was great and scheduled delivery. Delivery guys (sub-contractor) showed up and delivered order. Living room set looked good, and I like it. The bedroom set however is another story. One of our two $400 nightstands was damaged. We were told that they would have to leave it as a loaner and new parts would have to be shipped to us. As the damage was only to the handles I did not find that too bad until I was told there would be a fee to ship them out to me. Unless I chose to send it back, then there would be a 10% re-stocking fee. When the king-sized bed was delivered, they attempted to set it up only to find that the package had been opened and repackaged. The rails were missing, and the slats were not the right size. In addition, the slats were missing the support posts. Customer service was then involved. They call me within minutes and their first suggestion was for me to wait till the end of July when a new shipment would be in then reschedule. I told them this is unacceptable, I was not going to wait another 45 days to have my order completed, and suggested they call the manufacture in Vietnam, and have then Fed-Ex (UPS or Airborne Express would have worked also) the piece (at Levin’s cost) for delivery next weekend. I was told they had no idea if this could be done, but they needed to call me back. Twenty minutes later, they called again, with no suggestions except wait the 45 – 60 days until the piece arrives. I then informed them, that they had until Saturday the 28 to have the piece here, or they were picking the who bedroom set up. I was transferred to a manager, who said she needed to call me back to make a few phone calls, and come up with a solution. 45 minutes later, her solution was to have a queen sized floor model disassembled sens the rails to me and use another models slats and supports. I just paid $1,100 for this bed, and fearing more complications, I declined. Besides, why should I have to use demo pieces, when I paid full price for new pieces? I finally got so fed up, that I informed the Customer Service manager that the whole bedroom set would be being returned. I was then told that I needed to call the store and speak with the salesperson. I made sure she issued a return authorization, and scheduled pick-up for the 28th. I called the store, spoke with the salesperson, and informed him that I will never do business with Levin’s again.

    I will try Sheely’s in Ohio, whom delivers to my local area, and hope they do better.

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  50. Marie Says:

    The lowest quality furniture I’ve ever owned was purchased at Levin in Peters Township, PA! I have staples coming out of a reclining chair and soon it will no longer look like a reclining chair at this rate! This reclining chair is not even used on a regular basis! I have young children and I am concerned that they will find a staple and get hurt from this chair! I had to call customer service two days after delivery as fabric on yet another chair was not attached to the chair! A repair guy was sent with a large staple gun! I’m now assuming that Levin’s furniture is pretty much just stapled together with a paper stapler! Our coach’s lining is already hanging down to the floor! I have to fix all three seat cushions on this couch about 50 times a day as they slip out of the couch!!!! Why you ask? Because they are lined underneath with a slippery material of all things!!! Yes there’s a little strip of velcro that doesn’t do the job! Two of the cushions (starting from day one) do not even line up correctly with each other!!! So all 3 pieces are of such poor quality that I will Never return to Levin again!!!II equate Levin’s quality with the Dollar General of furniture! I will tell all of my friend’s and family about our horrible experience! I checked the couch for a brand name however it doesn’t have any labels or markings. So what exactly did I buy? In comparison I purchased a couch, loveseat, and chair from another store back in ’02. These pieces never showed these types of problems! We still use (13 years later) two of the pieces and guess what? No staples popping out, no hanging fabric, and the cushions stay right on the loveseat! We naively purchased a mattress there two months ago. I believe we ended up paying way too much now that I’m seeing ads from other stores! The customer service was worse than a used car lot! The salesman knew nothing about mattresses! Long story short the salesman did not inform us that the bed would be so high! It was so high it would be dangerous to fall out of and tricky to even get on the bed unless you’re six feet tall! So my husband called and customer service said he’d have to talk to the salesman. The salesman said we could return for a smaller box spring but would have to pay a restocking fee! Whatever! We paid it to just get past it so we will Never again deal with Levin again!!!! When you are working in the mattress department you should give your customers specific information like the height of the mattress and boxspring! I will try Macy’s next time! I’d gladly pay more so my furniture lasts for more than 2 years!!!!!! I’m so disgusted and feel duped! It’s a shame they really don’t have that many competitors in the Pittsburgh region. We moved here from another state which had plenty of competition in the furniture business. I believe healthy competition would force Levin to improve customer service and product quality issues! I’d be embarrassed to have my name on this company!

  51. Amy Says:

    Hi Marie. I’m saddened to learn of your negative opinion of our products. Your comments will certainly help us, as our teams are constantly revising and finding new trends and designs. It’s our goal to provide something for everyone’s taste and needs. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I would like to personally investigate this matter for you. Please email your order and contact information to info@levinfurniture.com.

  52. Cindy Says:

    I’ll add my complaint!

    Bought a Grand Legacy mattress (Queen) over the Labor Day sale in 2014. Super comfy mattress in the store and Steven, the floor rep) was helpful and very nice. Mattress took 2 weeks to be delivered. No problem there. I told them they MUST call me when they were on their way because their GPS would take them the wrong way and past my house. They did *not* call and so I watched them drive right by my house in their giant box truck and then proceed to turn around twice because they could not find me. About 10 minutes later I get a call. They claimed no one told them to call me.

    Fast forward to a month ago when I started to wake up with back pain. I brushed it off thinking it was just a bad nights sleep. Two weeks later I noticed that I was falling into the same spot every time I tried to roll over and couldn’t sleep on my back at all. I finally noticed that I had a pretty bad sag and measured it- 3″!! I took a ruler and placed it on top of the mattress and used another ruler to measure the dip.

    I stopped by the store and showed them the pictures and they set up a date for a tech to come out a week later to measure it (because I guess my ruler isn’t good enough). Tech shows up (again, missing my house because they didn’t tell him to call). He then gets mad because my bed isn’t stripped. Ok, give me 20 seconds to pull everything off. He then uses a string from the top of the mattress to the bottom to measure dip. Then takes a small dinner size plate (about .25″ thick) with some measurements on another piece of plastic and places it in the dip. There is a good 1″ BELOW the tool of space. Where the string touches the UPWARD facing piece of plastic is the measurement he uses as the official measurement and that is only 1″. I ask him why he measures it that way and was told “this is how we are told to do it”. I ask him if he can see there is more dip UNDER the tool. He says yes, but there is nothing he can do about it. I take his tool and stick it down in to the dip, which measures 2.5″. He says sorry but he can’t do it that way.

    Got a call this morning from Levin saying that because my dip is only 1″ that they will not take it back. I explain the situation and that their tool didn’t sit in the bottom of the dip, giving it a true measurement. They told me that was their policy and there was nothing I could do. $1500 down the tubes!! I am giving it to a friend who has a mattress that is 20 years old with worst dips then mine, so for her it will be an upgrade.

    I’ll never shop at Levin again.

  53. Amy Says:

    Hi Cindy. I can see that you are frustrated with your experience. I apologize for the issues that you’re experiencing with your mattress. I’d like to investigate this situation for you. Please email your order and contact information to info@levinfurniture.com, and we will contact you directly.

  54. Cindy Says:

    I just received your response. It was in my spam folder. Please contact me directly at my Gmail address.

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  56. Rosemary nestler Says:

    I can commiserate!!! We ordered furniture in September and didn’t get all of it until Thanksgiving and that was after a series of phone calls. I am convinced we still wouldn’t have all of our furniture if I wasn’t persistent.
    But what I am really upset about is our mattress. It to was bought in Septrmber and less than 5 months later it is noticeably sagging. When I say sagging I mean you can see the bump in the middle as soon as you enter the room. It is uncomfortable to sleep on. After sending a service tech out to look at we were told it meets the manufacture’s guidelines and to call back in 6 months. My next call is to Grsnd Legacy the manufacturer. Seriously, mattresses aren’t cheap and are supposed to last years not months!

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  58. Gloria Fruscella Says:

    I purchased a reclining lift chair a little over a year ago. I purchased a repair agreement for 5 years. In the last three months, I have had problems with the remote . The first time I requested a service call, they had to order the part. It took well over 4 weeks to get it replaced. So one month later, the same thing occurred. They again came out and we went through the same thing. I am now again in the same scenario. I was told the part would not ship until May 1st. I have already waited 4weeks this time around. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I am in need NOW. How can this be expedited?. I would like a response as soon as possible. I think the customer relations is atrocious. Gloria Fruscella.

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  60. Nancy S Says:

    Ordered 2 mattresses sets from the Solon OH store for 7th of July Sale & they arrived as I was moving into a new house, even though I requested delivery Sat.afternoon.

    Bed frames not even put together. Delivery guys kind, no one said you must try it before we leave. Called first thing Monday to get a low profile box spring. Not only would they NOT exchange it, I would have to pay full price, AND DELIVERY FEE.

    The Regional Sales Manager for Ohio (Dustin) was kind enough to take $20 off (WOW). When I told the Sales Rep (Ryan) in the Solon store their customer service policy s**cks, his comment was, “that’s your opinion”. RUN…..they do not stand behind their policy “Putting Customers First”. This was my first time trying Levin and I will NEVER GO BACK.

    Bastista Furniture is the best and I will forever be their customer. Levin doesn’t know what it means to Put Customers First.

    I filed complaint with the Better Business Bureau.Unprofessional in my opinion.

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